Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My bag is overweight.

For once, I wish I was overweight, because the airline makes allowances for human obesity. Just not luggage obesity.

I ask you, how am I supposed to fit 2.5 mos of stuff into one bag?

I swear to you, I have pared down to the bare minimum. It barely looks like my closet is missing anything. I have packed about ¼ of my clothes and like a handful of toiletries. And I am even leaving Infinite Jest at home (which I swear pains me more than leaving behind all my underwear, but my mom wouldn't allow me to bring it).

WHY WHY WHY IS MY BAG OVERWEIGHT. I really don't want to pay the overweight charge. And I also don't want to get laughed at by my fellow group-members, who I envision to be supremely sparse packers with naught but a change of undies and a tooth brush in their slim, svelte luggage. While I lumber along with my William Howard Taft version of the carry-on.

Anyway, I can't find a solution short of buying an entire new wardrobe in England, or living in the same pair of pants (the English version of pants……..) for three weeks. Please advise.

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