Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Post. Like a Post Vitamin.

So, I leave in approximately two weeks. At this time in two weeks, I will hopefully be through airport security and putzing around in the gateway, buying things I don't need. I plan to spend so much money on this trip. I'm not a spender, ever, but I just can't wait to come home broke. Like for a catharsis or something.

Okay, I'm prattling. But I can't help it. I did a TON of trip stuff today (and by that, I mean shopping), and it has really just brought this whole experience into sharp focus, AND NOW I AM CHOMPING AT THE FREAKING BIT. Oh, please, please, please let these two weeks fly by! I am taking the GREs on Saturday (just wait for that post), but I may as well not be taking them, with how much attention I'm paying now. As in, I can't even find my practice book anymore. I just want to go!

And my friend Jessa is already over there, telling me all about the beauty of Oxford (Jessa is my friend from down the street [read: another college] down near school, and she is also at Oxford this semester). I mean, I am thrilled that Jessa is having a wonderful time. I am thrilled with what she's telling me. But then she mentioned that my college is right next to the library (eek!) and near a great coffee shop (EEK!). Let me outta here!

But because of my shopping spree, I can now add to my pile the following items:

-Some cash-money in £GBPs.

-Small, almost insignificantly-sized travel shampoo/conditioner.

-Other small, insignificantly-sized assorted toiletries.

-A SLEEP-SACK! (thank youuu, Nikita Penett!)

-A new memory card for my camera (read: ancient photography device. We'll see if it lasts this trip).

-Small, insignificantly-sized alarm clock. (………do they have AA batteries in England?)

I'm sure you needed to know all of that, so you can tic off the items on your checklist for me. Not.

Alright. Let me reiterate once more that I am really ready to go.

In case anyone has an extra ticket for, say, tomorrow.

Anyone at all.

Okay. Goodnight now.


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